The Infrastructure Bank Careers

At the Infrastructure Bank, you can build the career you want.

Our company culture is integral to our ability to work with each other as a team, and our ability to provide award-winning customer service.

Our culture is built on the fundamental values that we all hold. Every team member embraces these values and lives by them, not just at work, but in life.

Our core values of Knowledge, Simplicity and Innovation are crucial. We look for these values when we welcome new members to our family, and we create the opportunity for these values to be further entrenched in our people.

Every member of the team must be knowledgeable in their field so that they can deliver value to the organization and the larger community it serves.

Innovation is how we break new ground. We encourage our people to put their ideas forward boldly.

In the multitude of these ideas, we may find a better way to do our work, and so we challenge ourselves and provide avenues for our people to be fearlessly creative.

We are proud to have built a culture that fosters trust, healthy relationships and a sense of community in our people. Our culture keeps our people at the forefront of our corporate strategy because we know that it is the people who make the change and drive the innovation we seek.

We operate an open-door policy and provide equal opportunities to people. By staying true to a fair and safe culture for all, we inspire our teams to break new ground and innovate, not because they have to, but because they are inspired to.