Bridging the infrastructure gap in Nigeria by mobilizing private capital towards viable infrastructure development


Revolutionize the way people and goods move with our Transportation and Infrastructure solutions. From modernizing transportation networks to enhancing connectivity, we are dedicated to building the backbone of progress.

Municipal Common Services

Creating livable and sustainable communities is at the heart of our Municipal Communal Services focus. We collaborate with municipalities to provide essential services that enhance the quality of life for residents.

Power and Renewable Energy

Power Generation with emphasis on Renewable / Green Sources, Power Reticulation Transmission and Power Distribution Assets and Services.

Mass Housing and District Development

Our Mass Housing and District Development focus aims to provide affordable and quality housing solutions, fostering inclusive growth and vibrant neighborhoods.

Finance Arranging

We specialize in structuring financial solutions tailored to unique project needs. From securing funding sources to optimizing financial structures.

Finance Advisory

We provide strategic insights and expert guidance to navigate the complex landscape of infrastructure finance. Whether you’re planning, managing, or evaluating projects.

Fund Management

The Bank offers fund management services to both domestic and external sovereignties and institutions seeking to fund infrastructure development; including; the Federal Government of Nigeria, Pension Funds, Finance Institutions as well as bilateral and multilateral funds providers.


The Infrastructure Bank Plc provides vital financial support through loans to individuals, businesses, and governments. Our commitment involves disbursing funds with a mutually agreed-upon repayment plan, often accompanied by competitive interest rates.

Equity Investment

Embracing a long-term investment approach, we will actively engage in making equity investments in businesses. The success of our equity investments is closely tied to the performance and profitability of the companies in which we invest