What is Infrastructure Bank Plc?

The Infrastructure Bank Plc is a development finance institution that provides long-term financing for infrastructure projects in Nigeria. The Bank was established in 1992 to address the country’s infrastructure deficit and support sustainable economic growth.

What are the Bank's main objectives?

The Bank’s main objectives are to:

  • Finance infrastructure projects that have a significant economic and social impact
  • Promote private sector participation in infrastructure development
  • Support the development of a sustainable and resilient infrastructure sector in Nigeria

What are the Bank's main services?

The Bank’s main and services include:

  • Advisory Service
  • Fund Arranging
  • Fund Management
  • Project Preparatory
  • Proprietary Equity

Who are the Bank's target customers?

The Bank’s target customers include:

  • Private sector companies developing and operating infrastructure projects
  • Government agencies and public-private partnerships
  • Financial institutions